What does “Digital Presence” mean?

Is "Digital Presence" important for your business?

What is “Digital Presence”? What does “Online Presence” actually mean? Both terms refer to the same thing and are quite often being used interchangeably. It is simply the totality of digital assets of a business used to represent the said business online or in other words, how a business appears across the digital spectrum.

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Many businesses have a poorly designed website and a personal Instagram or Pinterest account and believe it is enough. SalesForce – the Sales and Marketing CRM company – conducted a survey a little while ago and found out that about 85% of consumers do online research before making an online purchase. Believe us… this is a chunk of the market you don’t want to miss on.

Be it via a search engine and company website, a social media account, email campaign or an independent review site, customers interact with your business through one of your Digital Presence channels.

There is no denying: most shopping done today involves some type of online activity. And, it’s not only about e-commerce… any business type benefits from the online environment: lawyers, auto mechanics, the corner store etc, all can definitely take advantage of the newer marketing platforms.


ADIX Consulting digital presence

How to build an efficient Digital Presence?

Building Blocks

Having a strong, cohesive, digital presence is not a product, but a process. Companies have to constantly work and adjust their approach in order to achieve this goal. The way a business is perceived online, not only gives a better exposure than competitors but it will also strengthen a company’s image overall. As shown above, a professional “digital” image is key in establishing a business’ trust and interactivity with its customer base. 

The importance of a great Online Presence cannot be overstated enough. It could very well be the difference between a “good” company and a “great” company… the next move is yours.

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